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These are some pictures from shows that we have worked on. These pictures are for reference only.
Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Glow 1 Glow 2 Glow 5
Season 2 Glow - A 1980's radio station with seperate engineering and DJ room.
The Audiotronics Mixing Console is used in the engineering room with tall Wood Faced equipment racks and golden reel awards on the halway wall.
Infamous 1 Infamous 2
An pilot called Infamous - A Recording Studio from the early 1980's.
Features the Ramsa WR-8428 on its stand with Yamaha NS-10 and Auratone Cube Speakers.
Mentalist Mentalist
An Episode from The Mentalist - A two room radio station with the Mackie 32 console, tall racks, RE20 Microphones, and misc. equipment to fill the tables.
otari2 otari2
Stuck In The Middle Episode - Radio Station with a Mackie 32 console, a 360 Systems Shortcut and Instant Replay, Table Top Gray rack with Dorrough Meters that bounce, M-Audio Speakers, and Radio Software.
otari2 otari2
Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. - A recording Studio featuring the Mackie 32 + extension in an Argosy console table, The Allen & Heath ML5000 console, short racks of equipment, and road cases.

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