Desktop Libraries
The 360 Systems Instant Replay and Shortcut are used as music and sound effect libraries for Radio Stations.
Instant Replay Shortcut
Instand Replay
Cable Racks
Cable racks hold test and spare cables for any studio set. Extra cables and headphones hung on the wall are a good way to fill wall space.

Cable racks for hanging test cables

Cart Machines
Cart machines are used in Radio Stations to play commercials, promos, and sound effects. The carts themselves look similar to 8-track tapes. Generally a DJ will have 3 cart machines; one playing, one cued up and one rewinding.
cart machine cart cart
Mic Stands
These are some of the mic stands that we carry.
ds-7 ds-5 ds-14
DS7 Adj. Height
Table Top Stand
DS5 Fixed Height
Table Top Stand
DS14 Fixed Height
Table Top Stand
sb36 te16 ms10c ms25
SB36W Boom
Floor Stand
TE16 Tripod
Floor Stand
MS20 Round Base
Floor Stand
MS25 Triangular Base
Floor Stand
This is a current turntable used
for radio and DJ applications.
Professional CD Player
Professional CD player for
radio and DJ applications.
On Air Signs - Dorrough Meter
Here is an On Air Sign which we also have in "Recording" "Stand By". Also shown is is a Dorrough Meter which measures loudness and looks great in a Radio Station set.
on air dorough
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